2017-07-26 15:16:46 by aninvisiblepirate

i'm back for now...........

really im here looking for people to work on games with


2015-06-29 12:29:56 by aninvisiblepirate






what am i doing!

taking a break on trill to focus on something that really matters, like cults.

more game work

2014-06-27 12:52:11 by aninvisiblepirate


the first room is done, would have been farther but we redid all of the art (the first one was so bad)

now its only me and one other person working on it pretty much

hoping to get it done before school starts again, but who knows

busy busy busy

2014-01-18 11:29:37 by aninvisiblepirate

working on a game with three other people, and then possibly doing some art for another game who knows about that tho

so i may be uploading some things with that idk

im putting the game otgether in rpgmaker and making pixels for it

who knows how far this will go??? its simple and the plot is planned out but its going to take a looooong time more than likely

when (if??) it gets finished i'm probably going to post about that with a download link